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Terms & Conditions for Prize Draw «Facebook - 2 Invitations Online Streaming»

A. Competition Organizer

Ticketmaster Hellas SA, with VAT 999508686, whose registered office is Vouliagmenis Avenue 26, 16675, Glyfada – Athens, Greece, hereinafter referred to as "Ticketmaster Hellas " ( " us ", " We ") organizes the following promotion through the draw entitled "Facebook - 2 online streaming invitations "(hereinafter referred to as the " Draw "), with the following terms of participation (hereinafter the" Terms ") which will be posted and constantly updated during the Draw, on the official website of Ticketmaster Hellas www. ticketmaster .gr (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), as well as the official Ticketmaster account on the social network Facebook at the following address:

    " https://www.facebook.com/Ticketmaster.Hellas "

    The purpose of these terms is to define the conditions for participation in the Draw and the process of finding the winner

    Participation in the Draw means an automatic and unconditional acceptance of these Terms without any further charge or procedure.


B. Duration of the Competition

    The draw will occur from the 23rd of December 2020 at 15:00 pm until the 26th of December 2020 at 15:00 pm

    It is explicitly stated that, after the end of the Draw on December 26, 2020 or the new date, set after any postponement or change of the duration of the draw, entries are no longer be accepted. In this case, participants with their participation in the Draw accept that nο right or claim against Ticketmaster Hellas, nor entitled to ask whether the expired draw will continue or about delivery of undelivered gifts, or any other compensation.


C.  Entry Requirements


    Those who have completed the 18th year of age have the right to participate in the Draw. From the Draw are excluded employees of Ticketmaster Hellas and their relatives of first and second degree and their spouses. For those who have not reached the age of 18, participation is possible only in the presence of the person exercising parental responsibility for the provision of consent for participation and for the receipt of the gift in case they are winners.

    Clarify that Facebook does not associate, manage, promote or enhance the Draw in any way

    No product purchase required for participation. During the Draw, the user can participate in the following way: On behalf of Ticketmaster Hellas on Facebook, will be posted a «post» in which the user should do «like» and «share» in the specific post ("post") about the Draw. Insulting, offensive comments are generally not accepted and contrary to the law and good business manners.

    Each user profile can only participate once (1) in the Draw on each platform. As a valid entry is considered the first response of the participant, and not taking into account the subsequent answers-posts in that post of Ticketmaster Hellas on Facebook

D. Prizes

The prizes of the Draw are two ( 2 ) invitations corresponding to two ( 2 ) winners for the online streaming theatrical performance " A Christmas Carol " which will be available until January 17th 2021.

    The prize is specific, personal and non-exchangeable, nor can it be requested to be replaced or redeemed for cash or other gifts, at any price. Ticketmaster Hellas is not responsible for anything related to the above prizes, except their delivery to the winners.In no case is Ticketmaster Hellas liable for any direct or indirect damages, costs and expenses that may arise from any interruption, malfunction or delay or any other cause related to the prize draw. Furthermore, Ticketmaster Hellas bears no liability, criminal or civil liability to any winner or third party, for any accident that occurred and / or damage and / or bodily or material damage caused to them directly or indirectly related to the prize or any other cause. In case there Terms and Conditions are not applied, Ticketmaster Hellas has the right not to deliver the prize.

    Ticketmaster Hellas claims no responsibility for other services that might receive the winners or other expenses that they make during the online streaming “A Christmas Carol" and which are not included in the gift of the Draw.

    In addition, Ticketmaster Hellas does not bear any responsibility in case of postponement, delay or cancellation of the online streaming " A Christmas Story "

E. Draw - Winners

For this post, a total of two ( 2 ) winners will be selected after the end of the draw by the electronic systems of Ticketmaster Hellas that ensure that there is no human intervention in it, as well as 2 runners-up in order of their draw.

The selection will take place on the 26th of December. If for any reason it is impossible to conduct the online selection on the aforementioned day, Ticketmaster Hellas reserves the right to change the day and time by prior notice.

F. Information of Winners - Receipt of prizes


    The winners will be contacted via Facebook with a comment below their response within 24 hours of the draw

    If the respective winner does not respond immediately (within 5 hours), Ticketmaster Hellas will contact the first (1st) runner-up. If the first (1st) runner-up does not respond immediately, Ticketmaster Hellas will contact the next runner-up. In case communication is not possible with any of the runners-up then the Prize will be CANCELED

    The electronic communication will be requested by the winner of the full details (name, mobile phone number and email) to be identified and updated for the next steps.

    Winners, at any stage, including the delivery and receipt of the prize, can be excluded for the following reasons:

        in the event that, for any reason, they do not fully accept these terms in their entirety, which are all considered essential

        in case his participation does not meet any of the terms of this draw

        in case any of the information stated is false

        in the event that their participation is, in the judgment of Ticketmaster Hellas , itself a product of illegal technical influence in the systems of Ticketmaster Hellas or in general fraud or unlawful interference of the participant or a third party

    Upon receipt of the prize, the winner must present a police ID in order to confirm the identity as well as the adult of his age. In case the winner has not completed the 18th year of age, the receipt of the prize is possible only in the presence of the person exercising parental responsibility for the provision of consent. The winner assumes sole responsibility and timely planning to arrange the above details of receiving his / her prize

    Ticketmaster Hellas has the right not to deliver the prize in case there Terms are not applied accordingly.

    Ticketmaster Hellas reserves the right to disclose the names and publish pictures, sound performances and recordings of the winners on its website, and to use the information from the draw for marketing purposes etc.

    Each winner, by participating in the Draw, unconditionally agrees to the above without paying any fee or compensation. Without prejudice to the above, the refusal of the winner to participate in a relevant advertising program or other announcement or refusal to include his/her name in entries, if called for this, legitimizes Ticketmaster Hellas to refuse to grant the relevant Prize, or to withdraw it .

G. Modification of Terms - Gifts

Ticketmaster Hellas reserves the right to change at any time the terms and the prize, postpone or cancel the draw without any prior notice. In this case, Ticketmaster Hellas will not be responsible for any damages to the winners, that will emerge from this draw.