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Quality & Security Policy

Quality Policy Ticketmaster Hellas


The Company primary goal is to provide to its customers products and services that will continuously meet their needs and requirements. Our products and services - inline to the Company’s ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System principles and in accordance with the customers’ requirements and satisfaction – is:

  • Ticketing Services
  • Ticket Software Development, Technical Support and Trading

Our products and services comply with existing national and international laws and regulations. Their quality is closely related \ to the documented expertise and experience of the staff involved, the appropriate equipment as well as our constant effort to upgrade and improve all the above.

Achieving this goal is the means to keep the business as a reliable and competitive unit in this field, but also for its continuous improvement and development.

This goal is achieved by operating the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System. The Quality System and its objectives are subject to a continuous review, aiming constant effectiveness, improvement and adaptation of these (and of all the activities that compose the System) not only to the customers’ needs and requirements, but also the market’s in general. The analysis of the internal control and review activities as well as of the information received by our customers or other external sources is a valuable input to our Quality System and to our effort for constant improvement.

Our personnel are bound by this policy and fully comply with the Company’s Quality System. The policy itself is subject to constant review to ensure its suitability for the Quality System requirements and to ensure coverage of all the activities that format the System.


Information Security Policy Ticketmaster Hellas

Ticketmaster Hellas management, acknowledging the information and information systems’ importance in business processes implementation, supports and promotes actions aiming to safeguard the systems’ normal operation. For this reason, the Company takes the proper technical and organizational measures to:

 - Ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the data it processes in the scope of “Ticket Software Development, Technical Support & Trading”;

 - Comply with legislation and regulatory requirements;

 - Safeguard its own interests, as well as the interests of its partners;

 - Provide its clients with better products and services based on the security of the information;

 - Maximize the reliability of its assets.


At the same time, it adheres to policies and procedures aiming to:

 - The protection of the IT resources and the data transmitted during Company’s services from any possible threat, internal or external, deliberate or accidental;

 - Systematic assessment and evaluation of risks related to Information Security, aiming at effective and immediate handling;

 - Secure procedures for development and maintenance of applications and IT services;

 - Data backup, protection against viruses and external intrusions, access control in information systems, recording of security incidents and management of unexpected developments;

 - Continuous briefing of company’s Management and personnel on issues related to Information Security;

 - Control of transmitted and exchanged information and data;

 - Immediate and effective management of security incidents and breaches;

 - Commitment of Company’s Management on the application of Information Security Policies and the compliance with all national and international legislation.


The Information Security Officer is responsible for the Information Security Management System operation and control as well as for taking the required initiatives to eliminate any factor that may lead to company’s information availability, integrity or confidentiality compromise.

Ticketmaster’s employees and partners with access to information and information systems are responsible for adhering to the rules of the implemented Information Security Policy. Top Management, as well as Ticketmaster’s employees, are committed on achieving company’s targets, continuous improvement of the system and meeting of the principles and requirements related to the Information Security.