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By using the Ticketmaster website you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.



Illegal and /or unauthorised use of Ticketmaster website, including but not restricted to the unauthorised sale of tickets, as well as of any tool of the web environment in question, will be investigated and followed by every legal means that Ticketmaster possesses.



The Ticketmaster website has built the most contemporary and recognised security methods in terms of money transactions and data protection, while it ensures a constant service provision. More specifically, the Information Technology that the Ticketmaster website is using includes:

  1.  - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for managing the security of data transmission within our database
  2.  - Firewalls, for the protection of stored personal data
  3.  - The use of state-of-the-art technologies for the impeccable functioning and availability of our website. All transactions made through www.ticketmaster.grare governed by the International and European Purchase Policy along with the Consumer Data Protection laws (Law 2251/1994), which refer to matters such as remote sales
  4.  - Use of One-Click-Pay (tokkenization service)



The goal of Ticketmaster is to make your purchase experience easy, quick and effective. The following purchase policies are designed to ensure you understand the purchase process through www.ticketmaster.gr as well as your obligations and rights.  Please contact us in case of any questions or queries. This Purchase Policy is subject to and incorporates by reference the Terms of Use. Each ticket that you purchase is a license to attend a particular event and is subject to the additional terms set forth on that ticket.



To read our ticket terms please click TICKET TERMS

The above terms refer only to those tickets you have purchased via the official Ticketmaster ticket points and you may find them written on these tickets. Tickets that are available in other sales channels (either th eorganisers' or third parties) may have different tickets terms. It is your responsibility to read in advance and before buying the ticket terms, as Ticketmaster has no responsibility for tickets purchased from any other (physical or electronic) sales channel that does not belong to its official network, and it is likely that tickets will be provided with no guarantee of correctness and accuracy. Read also paragraph on "Responsibility Boundaries" below. 



For any Product or Service purchased through our website, Ticketmaster merely accepts credit cards. The credit card’s charge is completed only after the transaction’s completion. The Ticketmaster website has taken all necessary safety measures to secure the transactions made using a credit card. In case of charging failure, the order is instantly cancelled.



If the amount you have paid for a ticket is incorrect, regardless the reason (for example, false statement of personal data, misunderstanding information or temporary malfunction of our website) Ticketmaster holds the right to cancel your ticket(s) and refund the amount you have paid.



In case you do not receive a confirmation message through a confirmation page after submitting your personal data and completing the payment, or in case of service interruption, or if it appears an error message, it is your responsibility to contact Ticketmaster and be informed whether your transaction has been successfully completed or not. Ticketmaster will not become responsible for monetary or other loss in case you have assumed that your order was not placed since you did not receive a confirmation of any kind.



Tickets may be picked up at designated distribution points or at the venue’s box offices. While picking up your tickets you should always keep your Identification ID, passport, driver license, etc. We strongly recommend to be present at these points at least 30' prior to the start of the performance.



After a transaction is completed no refund or ticket change is accepted. In addition, Ticketmaster cannot replace tickets that have been lost, stolen or destroyed. In case of cancellation of an event, or performance we cannot refund the extra fee amounts. 
In the event of approving the cancellation of a transaction, only the face value of the ticket is refundable, not the extra charges (i.e. processing fee).



Ticketmaster will not be liable for plausible damages resulted from misdelivered /undelivered orders; in any case, Ticketmaster will inform its website users whether there is any availability or not. Nonetheless, Ticketmaster will not be held responsible for possible system unavailability nor can guarantee a constant, accurate and without mistakes service provision.

Official ticket points for all events appearing on our website are those listed on the relevant event information. Therefore, Ticketmaster brings no responsibility for tickets that were purchased through third sales channels, which do not belong to its official network, and thus hold no guarantee and/or reliability. 

Purchasing tickets from an unauthorised ticket seller means that we cannot refund you if an event is cancelled, and we cannot inform you of important changes or event information.



All personal data used during a transaction in our website are being protected by the above terms, the Greek Law (Law 2472 / 1997, Law 207 / 1998, Law 79 / 2000 and article 8 - Law 2819 / 2000), as well as the European Law (Directive 95 / 46 / EC, Directive 97 / 66 / EC).




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