Terms and conditions


Preparative to using the pages and services of our website High Priority Box Office (www.highpriority.gr/tickets), you must read carefully the conditions of use and the conditions of the provision of services, before visiting or using our pages and services. In case of disagreement, you should not use our pages or services of our website. In any other case, it is assumed that you accept all the conditions. The conditions of use are valid for the whole of the content and for anything that is included, generally or specifically, on our website. High Priority Box Office holds the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and you must check for probable changes every time you are using High Priority Box Office website. If you do continue using it, it is assumed that you accept all the changed terms and conditions. In any other case, you ought not to use/visit our website.


The following conditions aim at helping you understand the process of purchasing tickets through High Priority Box Office, your obligations but also your rights regarding High Priority Box Office.

Every ticket you buy gives you permission to attend the specific event and it is under the additional conditions written on it.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

It should be underlined that in all written prices, a 10% charge for High Priority Box Office is included.

Important notes:

  • You will be asked to insert the control code when using your card. 
    The control code is also called the CVV-Card Validation Value for Visa.
  • The CVV is a three-digit code and it is printed on the back of the card in the signature stripe (the last 3 digits).
  • Do not put any gaps in the card number.
  • Orders are binding; the tickets can be neither returned nor changed.
  • The tickets may be ordered by the credit card owner only.
  • Payments using somebody else's cards are forbidden.
  • It is possible to purchase a maximum of 6 tickets in one order.  Exceptions are the events with limited number of seats and specific purchasing terms, which have been announced to the public.
  • High Priority Box Office reserves the right to cancel or change offered discounts on the website at any time without declaring the reason.


In case you do not receive a confirmation message through a confirmation page, after submitting your personal data and completing the payment, or in case an error message or a service interruption during the submission of your data occurs, it is your responsibility to contact High Priority Box Office and be informed whether your transaction has been successfully completed or not. High Priority Box Office does not hold any responsibility for monetary or other loss of yours, in case you did not receive a confirmation of your order during payment.


After a transaction is completed, no refund or ticket change is accepted. In addition, tickets that have been lost, stolen or destroyed, cannot be replaced. In case of cancellation of an event, concert or performance, we cannot refund the extra fee amounts. In the event of approving the cancellation of a transaction, only the face value of the ticket is refundable, not the extra charges (i.e. processing fee).


High Priority Box Office is not liable for plausible damages resulted from misdelivered /undelivered orders. In any case, our company sees after the prompt notification of website users regarding the unavailability of seats. Our website holds no responsibility for possible system unavailability nor can guarantee a constant, accurate and without mistakes service provision.

Official ticket points for all events appearing on our website are those listed on the relevant event information. Therefore, High Priority Box Office brings no responsibility for tickets that were purchased through third sales channels, which do not belong to its official network, and thus hold no guarantee and/or reliability.


All personal data used during a transaction in our website are being protected by the above terms, the Greek Law (Law 2472 / 1997, Law 207 / 1998, Law 79 / 2000 and article 8 - Law 2819 / 2000), as well as the European Law (Directive 95 / 46 / EC, Directive 97 / 66 / EC).


High Priority Box Office website has built the most contemporary and recognized security methods in terms of money transactions and data protection, while it ensures a constant service provision. More specifically, the Information Technology that High Priority Box Office website is using includes:

1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for managing the security of data transmission within our database.

2. Firewalls, for the protection of stored personal data.

3. State-of-the-art technologies for the impeccable functioning and availability of our website.

All transactions made through High Priority Box Office are governed by the International and European Purchase Policy that regulates matters in relation to e-commerce, along with the Consumer Data Protection laws (Law 2251/1994), which refer to matters such as remote sales.


These Guarantee claim guidelines apply to any claim regarding tickets purchased through High Priority Box Office.

  1. The payment for admission is not refundable, unless expressly stated otherwise herein.
  2. High Priority Box Office is not the organizer of individual cultural, social, sporting or other events for which the tickets are sold and bears no responsibility for any such event, for any alteration regarding such events or their dates, for the running of such events or for any circumstances arising within such events or for anything originated from such events. It accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury incurred by customers in relation to such events and the alteration, cancellation or execution. All claims must be forwarded to the relevant event organizer. In case that consumers want to contact directly for complaints the organizer of the event, High Priority Box Office will provide them with the contact information.
  3. High Priority Box Office is not responsible for any ticket that was purchased outside of it.

All questions and complaints can be sent to the Customer Service Department of High Priority Box Office (e-mail: info@highpriority.gr, Tel: +30 210 8820426 / ext.111, Athens).