The use of ticketing services and products offered on PAOK BC’s Web Site presume the full knowledge and acceptance of the terms of use, as these are published on its WebPages.


Illegal and/or unauthorized use of our website including but not restricted to the unauthorized sale of tickets, as well as the use of any other tool of the web environment in question will be investigated and followed by every legal mean that PAOK BC possesses.


The ticket sale website of PAOK BC has encompassed the most up-to-date and recognized security policies that pertain to payment transactions as well as patrons’ personal data and caters for the continuous availability of these services. Specifically, the technologies that make for the PAOK BC online system include:1. Secure Sockets Layer technology for the protection of data transportation into the information system.2. The use of structured and specialized security features (firewall) for the protection of stored personal data.3. The use of state-of-the-art technologies for the impeccable functioning and availability of the website. All transactions performed on www.paokfc.gr agree with both the International and European legal frameworks which refer to matters such as electronic commerce. Transactions are also carried according to Consumer Data Protection laws (Ν. 2251/1994), which refer to matters such as remote sales.


The PAOK BC on-line purchase ticket service has been created for a quick and effective assistance. The terms bellow aim in helping you understand the ticketing purchase procedure by the www.paokbc.gr, your obligations and rights towards PAOK BC. For any inquiry, please contact us. The Terms of Sales are within the Terms of Use of our site. With the purchase of your ticket you are allowed to watch the particular event and you are obligated to the terms written on it.

PURCHASE METHODS Any Product or Service purchase may be completed only with the use of a credit card. Once the ticket has been purchased and any transaction through our website is completed, the credit card will be charged. The PAOK BC website has taken all necessary safety measures for the use of your credit card. In case of lacking to charge your credit card, the order is automatically cancelled.


In case of an error in the amount of money you have been charged for a particular ticket and regardless the reason (either wrong data /incorrect information given or trouble in the www.paokbc.gr software), PAOK BC has the right to cancel your ticket and return its price to you.


After fulfilling all transactions needed for the purchase, a confirmation mail will be sent to you through our website. In case you will not receive the confirmation mail or in case of a mistake or disconnection, you are obligated to contact PAOK BC in order to ensure whether your transaction has been completed or not. If for any reason you will not get your transaction’s confirmation, PAOK BC does not bring the responsibility for money or any other loss.


To obtain your tickets: a) you have to visit our designated box office located outside stadium premises. During your arrival at the stadium you need to hold your identification certificate i.e. identification card ID, passport etc. b) it will be sent through express mail (courier), or c) it will be sent through e-mail and you will print it (the barcode) from your personal computer at home or at office.



After concluding the transaction you cannot reclaim your money or change your tickets. Tickets that have been lost or stolen cannot be replaced either.


PAOK BC will not be held responsible if the order will not be completed or completed with delay. In any case, our company will inform all users, in time, whether there is any availability or not. Our website is not responsible for possible system unavailability nor can guarantee a constant, accurate and without any mistake service provision.


In order to provide the above services to its clients, PAOK BC holds and uses the clients’ data. For the promotion, assistance and best service of their in between transactions, these data may also be used by the Banks or the Institutions through which the payments will be competed.In addition, during a purchase process, each user is given the choice of allowing or not PAOK BC to use his /her personal data and to distribute them to its collaborators, such as organizations and sponsors, who may use then for marketing or other promotional advertising.


All personal data are protected by the above terms, by the Greek Law (Law 2472/1997, Law 207/1998, Law 79/2000 and article 8 Law 2819/2000) and by the European Law (95/46/EK, 97/66/EK).