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Greek Festival 2019
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Episode I–La Controverse

13/07 & 15/07/2019 at 20:00,14/07/2019 at 19:00, Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall(Alexandra Trianti Hall), Duration:145'


A French couple moves to Vancouver. The woman is an artist and soon becomes friends with an indigenous woman who lives in the slums of the city. The latter is murdered by a serial killer. Inspired by this incident, the artist decides to paint the faces of the various indigenous women murdered in the area.

This is the first time in the fifty-four years of its history that Ariane Mnouchkine has entrusted the legendary Théâtre du Soleil troupe to a guest director: the internationally celebrated Canadian Robert Lepage. The show Lepage assembled fragments of a poetic, dark and epic-scale universe, retracing two hundred years of his country’s history - ‘Kanata’ is an Iroquoian word meaning ‘village’, that gave Canada its name.

Before its scheduled premiere in Paris, the rehearsals of Kanata were brutally interrupted in July 2018, amidst reactions by indigenous people claiming that the director did not consult with their community. The performance, featuring the international company of actors of Théâtre du Soleil, performers from every corner of the earth who approached the First Nations drawing on their life experiences, ultimately had its premiere in December 2018 at the Cartoucherie, its title updated to incorporate the controversy surrounding the production – a meta-theatrical commentary on Lepage’s part on the role of artists in contemporary society.

With Greek surtitles




The actors of Théâtre du Soleil: Shaghayegh Beheshti, Vincent Mangado, Sylvain Jailloux, Omid Rawendah, Ghulam Reza Rajabi, Taher Baig, Aref Bahunar, Martial Jacques, Seear Kohi, Shafiq Kohi, Duccio Bellugi-Vannuccini, Sayed Ahmad Hashimi, Frédérique Voruz, Andrea Marchant, Astrid Grant / Judit Jancso, Jean-Sébastien Merle, Ana Dosse, Miguel Nogueira, Saboor Dilawar, Alice Milléquant, Agustin Letelier, Samir Abdul Jabbar Saed, Arman Saribekyan, Ya-Hui Liang, Nirupama Nityanandan, Camille Grandville, Aline Borsari / Marie-Jasmine Cocito, Man Waï Fok, Dominique Jambert, Sébastien Brottet-Michel / Maixence Bauduin, Eve Doe Bruce, Maurice Durozier
Directed by Robert Lepage
Dramaturgy: Michel Nadeau
Artistic direction and design: Steve Blanchet
Set design: Ariane Sauvé with Benjamin Bottinelli, David Buizard, Martin Claude, Pascal Gallepe, Kaveh Kishipour, Etienne Lemasson and the assistance of Naweed Kohi, Thomas Verhaag, Clément Vernerey, Roland Zimmermann
Paintwork - Patina: Elena Antsiferova, Xevi Ribas with the assistance of Sylvie Le Vessier, Lola Seiler, Mylène Meignier
Lighting design: Lucie Bazzo with Geoffroy Adragna, Lila Meynard
Composer: Ludovic Bonnier
Sound: Yann Lemêtre, Thérèse Spirli
Image and projection design: Pedro Pires, with Etienne Frayssinet, Antoine J. Chami, Thomas Lampis, Vincent Sanjivy • Surtitling Suzana Thomaz
Costumes: Marie-Hélène Bouvet, Nathalie Thomas, Annie Tran
Hair and wigs: Jean-Sébastien Merle
Prompt and speech teacher: Françoise Berge
Assistant to the director: Lucile Cocito
Production: Théâtre du Soleil, with Festival d’Automne à Paris
Co-production: Fondazione Campania dei Festival (Napoli Teatro Festival Italia)




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