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16/04/2022  | Patriarchou Ioakim 1, Moschato Tavros 177 78

Doors Open: 19:30

Balthazar will make their return to Greece with their brand-new album "Sand", on Saturday, April 16, 2022 at Fuzz Live Music Club.
After two years, Balthazar are feeling more ready than ever to return to the country with which, as their co-founder, Jinte Deprez, has stated in an interview, are “in love with”, and to give us a unique show at Fuzz Club. The first time they performed live in Greece, the audience "embraced" Balthazar and sang loudly the lyrics of their tracks, placing them high on their top bands when it comes to alternative pop.

The story of the band begins back in 2004 when being just students, they formed a band and started playing live in the streets of Belgium where they grew up. With musical influences ranging from legendary artists such as David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, but also more contemporary ones such as LCD Soundsystem and Gorillaz, Balthazar combined the classical sounds with contemporary pop. After the release of the band's first three albums, its founding members, Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere, took a break and worked on their personal projects, exploring different musical genres. Jinte reintroduced himself to the public as 'J. Bernardt' and experimented with r'n'b and Maarten as 'Warhaus', with art-jazz, releasing great songs such as "Love's a stranger", which is one of the favorites of Greek radio.

In 2019 they made their way back as Balthazar by releasing "Fever", and according to them, the new music they have created on this album was very extroverted and festive, which was something they wanted to achieve, unlike the melancholic side of the previous three. "The solo albums were more successful than we expected and acted as a ‘creative oxygen’ for the subsequent recording of 'Fever'", as Maarten has told in an interview.

On the radio, Balthazar's hits were very successful, conquering the Greek audience with songs that stand the test of time, such as "Bunker", "Wrong Vibrations" and "Fever". After the release of the album "Fever", which includes a collection of groovy and funky songs, followed "Sand", an album that goes in bold, exciting new directions and consolidates the position of the Belgian band as that of the "Kings" of soulful alternative pop.

"Sand" marks a new course in their sound, with Balthazar sounding as fresh as they did in 2010, when their debut "Applause" impressed critics and audiences alike. The way "Sand" combines pop with groovy electronica is unique and highlights their talent to experiment musically with success, while honoring their roots and conquering the indie pop throne that rightfully belongs to them.
The band's live appearance in Greece was scheduled for March 2020, but the pandemic temporarily cancelled their plans. However, crises give birth to solutions and this led the duet of Jinte and Marteen to discover new musical paths, trying out things that, as they say, they had not attempted earlier, with the addition of drum samples and bass synths taking a dominant role in their new songs. The first single released from their new album titled "Losers" honors the original disco of the 70s, highlighting a different and interesting side of their music.

Balthazar are ready to embark on their European tour and share their new songs with the world, who are eager to experience an electrifying concert, similar to those the group usually gives. Join Balthazar on April 16, 2022 to experience one of the best bands of the modern alternative scene worldwide rocking the Fuzz Club!




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