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AthensRocks| ATHENS

13/06/2022  | Athens Olympic Complex Σπύρου Λούη 1, 151 23 Μαρούσι, Αθήνα, GR

Doors Open: 16:30


AthensRocks is back and here to stay!
The freshest music festival of Athens strikes back. On Monday June 13th, at Athens Olympic Complex, some of the most loved bands in Greece, will meet together for the first time on a festival stage. Dropkick Murphys, Villagers of Ioannina City, The Rumjacks & Fundracar promise an endless music party in the heart of the summer!
Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, mics, amps, head banging, encore, chorus, lyrics, stage, solos, riffs, photo pits, lights, sweaty band t-shirts, photos, dance until the morning, emotions, banners, raised fists, stage diving, hugs and kisses. Those things and many more, hard to describe with words, compose the unique experience of AthensRocks Festival, that we missed so much during the last couple of years.
Dropkick Murphys, Villagers of Ioannina City, The Rumjacks & Fundracar will give us a unique AthensRocks experience that will leave its mark on our memories for years.

Dropkick Murphys
If there is one band that is always at the top favorites of the Greek fans, with live appearances full of mess and cries of joy, this is none other than Dropkick Murphys! Since 1996, when the band was formed in Massachusetts, its name has become a synonym of Celtic punk, combining Clash and RAMONES on the one hand, and Pogues and Dubliners on the other, who are their main influences.
Dropkick Murphys are coming from the working class, and this is why they always stood by lots of social groups, fighting for their constitutive rights. Ken Casey (bass, voice), who is in charge of the band's mind, has often been the voice against fascism and neo-Nazism, giving a political tone to some of their songs.
With more than 25 years on the record and concert charts, Dropkick Murphys have established a special bond with their audience as reflected in every live show, becoming one with their large audience in songs such as "I'm Shipping up to Boston”, “Johnny I hardly Knew Ya”, “Rose Tattoo”, “Going Out in Style”, “Famous for Nothing” and many more!

Villagers of Ioannina City
The Villagers of Ioannina City made their first steps in the vanguard of the bubbling Greek scene, giving their generation songs and live shows that defined the sound of their entire generation. Their lyrics and melodies went beyond the musical boundaries and became a slogan and a memory for thousands of their fanatic fans following every step of their career.
The honored pentatonic of Epirus, following the way that “RIZA” showed, an album that was loved by their fans leading to sold out shows in Greece and then in Europe, while “Age of Aquarius” found them mature enough to include their progressive rock influences in their unique sound that hides heavy rock, Black Sabbath, but also the Greek musical tradition. The Villagers of Ioannina City after a wonderful mystical experience that they gave us with last year's Revival Acoustic Tour managed to make us look forward to their concert return at AthensRocks 2022!

The Rumjacks
A year after their last visit to our country, The Rumjacks return to the lands they loved and were loved by as few bands. With their latest release, “Hestia”, which earned great reviews last year, but also showing their love to our country with “Live in Athens”, they form along with the other bands the ultimate lineup for AthensRocks Festival. The Australians with their uplifting Celtic punk sound, are the most suitable to warm the atmosphere, lifting up AthensRocks in the most dynamic way, while the fans will be looking forward to another live performance of “An Irish Pub Song”!

If you are looking for a Greek band that entices everything in its path, setting up leveling parties on stage, then your mind unconsciously goes to Fundracar!
After all, Fundracar is not "another band". It is a successful musical sowing, the birthplace of four different musical genres, and it is our pleasure that for so many years it has been based in Greece!
They play reggae with one hand and punk with the other. With one foot they step on rock and with the other on funk. So, they make a three-part musical alloy super-fun by spitting lyrics that you wish you had scrambled!

On Monday, June 13, our calendar and watches will show AthensRocks at Athens Olympic Complex, with a Festival that can't be missed!
Feels good to be back!
Smash it Up!

Tickets  52.80 €
AthensRocks Festival Pre-sale:
Ticketmaster Call Center: +30 211 19 81 535


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